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Is it just me, or is writing a lonely, misunderstood profession?

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I often wonder if other writers feel like they are alone in their profession. The writing life can be lonely, at least for me. Would hiring an assistant help? It would be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. The problem is if they were also a writer would they steal the ideas – either because we brainstormed together or simply because they wrote faster and knew a good idea when they heard one.

I have definately been in a lull since June. The storm that brought major damage to our home and barn has left me feeling very uncreative and stressed. While Jerry has gone off to work every day and has not had to deal with the insurance issues, the contractor issues, the rising price of everything, etc. I have been left here to deal with it because after all, I am just a writer who can arrange my schedule to suit everyone else’s.

It makes me want to scream! My job is important too!

In addition to all the unexpected set backs there have been many expected interruptions such as canning season. Once the garden produce begins to come in, someone has to put it up. While Jerry has been helpful staying up late – which he always does – and keeping an eye on the canner, it is an all day job to prepare the food and the jars so they are ready to go into the canner.

I am glad fall is here. I am ready for a break. I know the time is almost here when not much else can be done outside. I also know within a few short months it will be time for the animals to give birth and that will bring another diversion. In the meantime I hope I can get far enough ahead on my writing projects that I will be able to keep up better next summer.

……….and let’s hope all of the unexpected Acts of God are over.


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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