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Using Interest Lists on Facebook

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Interest lists are used to group pages on Facebook (not personal profiles or groups, just pages) by topic. There are some premade interest lists you can follow or you can create your own. When you are viewing an interest list, you are seeing a feed of most recent updates from the Facebook pages that are on that list. After you’ve created one though, you need to remember to check it. This tutorial is about finding your interest lists and adding them to your favourites list.

Using Interest Lists

This tutorial isn’t about making interest lists but about accessing and using them afterwards. See my post about 10 Facebook Features You Might Not Know About to learn more about interest lists and your favourites section.

Step One – Find Interests in Facebook Sidebar

It’s near the bottom so keep scrolling, past groups and apps. Hover next to the word Interests and the word more will show up. Click on that so see a list of ALL your interests (only some are shown in the sidebar.)

Step Two – Pick What Interests You Want in Favourites

Here you can see all your interest lists. You can also add a premade list from here. Just like with Facebook groups, you can see how much new activity there has been since your list visit. The little wheel on the right is where you can make changes. Click on that for options.

Step Three – Add to Favourites

Simply click add to favorites and it will be added to your favourites.

Step Four – Rearrange Favourites

If you want to rearrange everything in your favourites section (what shows in the sidebar on Facebook) then you can follow these steps as well. On anything in the favourites section, if you hover over it, the option wheel appears. Click on it and choose rearrange.

Everything in the list will become draggable and you can move things into whatever order you want. My favourites list includes Facebook groups and interest lists I use the most as well as quick links to my own Facebook pages and groups that I run. I group them according to frequency of use and type.

When you have it the way you want, make sure you click done at the bottom of the favourites list to save changes.

That’s it! Now you can see in your sidebar when you are on Facebook if there is something new in your interest list. You can also easily click on it anytime to view the feed.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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