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Guest Post: Tweet Like a Star

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Tweet Like a StarWhy do people go crazy over reality shows about the lives of stars and celebrities? Why do artists have so many followers on their Twitter? Why do they have so many Facebook fans? Social networks made it possible for fans to reach out to their idols and favorite stars in a very convenient and easy way. Just think. Who is your favorite celebrity? If he or she replied to your Facebook post, wouldn’t it bring a smile to your face? Wouldn’t you brag about it to your friends and family? Conversing with their favorite stars gives fans a certain high. If you are a business owner and you manage several social networking accounts, you must learn to post or tweet like you’re a star.

Be interesting

Fans are interested in their favorite celebrities’ lives that is why they follow them. They want to learn the latest news, the latest marriage or breakup, they even want to know the products that they use to remain beautiful. The same way applies to your business. Your customers follow you because they believe in your brand. They want to know the latest events and the latest product offerings.

Be human

Even if you schedule posts, be sure to be sincere. Don’t try to make them look spontaneous because people will know. Try to post the current news about your company as they happen. For other information that can be scheduled, set a time each week to plan ahead.  


Replying to your customers is a great way to keep them engaged and keep them interested in your brand. From time to time, try to make good conversation with them. It humanizes the whole experience. They know that someone from your company is willing to listen to them and answer them when they have a question.


You know that saying think before you speak? The same applies to social media. You should think before you tweet or hit the publish button. Ask yourself if it is worth saying or if people will be interested or if it will hurt someone. If you’ve been hurt or offended by someone, try to control your emotions. Don’t just lash out to them. This is a war that you can’t win because the media is like that. No matter how hard you explain your side, there will always be people who will not believe you.  Don’t argue with someone over Twitter or Facebook. Try to fix the issue in a private manner.

Treat people with respect and they will surely be loyal to you. Make a serious effort to reply to their messages and you will surely have customers to last you a lifetime.


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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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