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Guest Post: From Attraction to Engagement: Why Your Blog Needs Visuals

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Why Your Blog Needs Visual Content

Move over content, there’s another new king in town. That’s right. Blogs are starting to make a shift from being completely text-based and now utilizing the power of photos and videos to help solidify the topic.

Many bloggers are realizing that their readers are turned away by blogs that contain only content. Sometimes, their readers just don’t have the time to thoroughly read a long blog post and instead are more attracted to blogs that also contain short videos or images.

If you’re still not sold on the idea of creating more visual-based blogs , let the following information persuade you.

People are visual

I already said that people are more attracted to visuals, but if you don’t believe me, check out the latest moves by the social media powerhouses. When Facebook made the switch to Timeline, one of the biggest changes was the addition of a large cover photo. Why? Because it’s what attracts someone to a page.  And both Facebook and Twitter have made it much easier for users to upload photos and videos to their page.

LinkedIn recently announced that they’re updating their brand pages, and one of the biggest changes is a large photo on the top of page, just like Facebook’s cover photo.

To prove my point even further, sites like Pinterest and Instagram, which are all completely image-based, have quickly grown in popularity.

Visuals are engaging

Visuals can share multiple messages without the need for text. A simple image can portray a thought or idea, and videos can keep your readers ’ attention for longer than a text-based blog. Plus, videos can also get your point across much more quickly than the written word, so it’s a great way to reach those people who are stretched for time.

Videos are proven to have a stronger reach on social media sites like Facebook. In fact, posts that contain pictures or videos receive more comments and more likes than those that only use text.

Visuals are attractive

Today, there are more websites and blogs on the Internet than ever before, each one fighting the others for our attention. When your blog contains visuals, you’ll give yourself a better chance of earning more readers. And the more readers your blog has, the more successful your blog will be.

Getting more visuals on your blog is not hard to do. You can easily transform the layout of your blog so that you can add pictures or videos to each one. You can also jump on the infographic bandwagon and create an infographic to share information instead of writing out a long blog post. Or, instead of typing out a blog, grab your video camera and record yourself talking about it. These are all simple ways that you can add visuals to your blog .

Images and videos are important to the success of your blog, and if you’re still only churning out the content without the visuals, you’re readers are not going to stick around for much longer.

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Sharing is caring!

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Coconut Oil

Thursday 4th of October 2012

These are all true. I couldn't agree more!

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