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Engage Social Influencers + Find Brand Ambassadors With #BuzzooleFinder

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Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

#BuzzooleFinder is the passive influencer search engine that finds online social influencers and brand ambassadors thanks to Buzzoole’s propietary algorythm. It is how Buzzoole found me. Interestingly enough when I tried this product for myself and put in the word gardening all of the top results were people I already followed! The drawback was I found them one by one over a number of years. Had #BuzzooleFinder been around back then it would have made finding all the people I wanted to connect with so much easier.

I really love that I can download a PDF of the reports that shows who the top influencers are. I can then see how many people follow them, how many people they follow, the number of tweets per day and so much more! I can even see and click on their social media links so I can easily follow them. I could do this online in the #BuzzooleFinder tool as well but preferred to download the information so I had it on my computer or could print it out to study closer should I choose to do so.

For brands and agencies #BuzzooleFinder is a must have! It easily enables you to search for influencers by topic, location and skill set among more than 2 billion online profiles, including Twitter accounts, Facebook, personal blogs and websites. Frankly why make your job any harder when you can let #BuzzooleFinder take this task off your hands, find the exact social influencers and ambassadors you want, then simply sort through the data. It really is that easy. There is a video tutorial and even a live demo you can opt in for. So what are you waiting for? Check out #BuzzooleFinder today and get your buzz-marketing campaign in high gear!

Sharing is caring!

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[…] Are you looking for influencers or brand ambassadors? Engage Social Influencers + Find Brand Ambassadors With #BuzzooleFinder […]

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