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Boosting Engagement: Harvesting Connection with Autumn-Themed Blog Challenges

Autumn is a season of transformation. The air turns crisper, leaves paint the world in warm hues, and our hearts cozy up with the anticipation of holidays. It’s a time when nature puts on its most captivating show, and our spirits seem to dance in harmony with the falling leaves. As a blogger, this magical …

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12 Must-Have Blogger Apps

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love iPhone blogger apps. I love finding new ones – especially photography apps but did you know many of them cannot be used commercially? That means if you alter your photo using them by adding text, overlays, frames, etc. you cannot use them on your blog. There …

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Recess at Work Day

Today is Recess at Work Day and for bloggers, most of whom work at home, it can be easy to take a recess instead of doing the work we are supposed to be doing. So I asked a bunch of bloggers, what fun things do they do when they are supposed to be blogging? Today …

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