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Permalinks: What are They and How Do I Find Them?

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A permalink or direct link is the link that if you click on it or put it in your address bar, it will take you directly to that post, page or image.

For example, on this blog, my url is but if I wanted to tell you to visit my 5 Ways to Promote Your Blog post, I would give you the direct link or permalink which looks like this:

If I just send you to my main page, you would have to scroll through many posts or do a search to find it.

You may also need to get a permalink to include a post you did and add it to a linky for a meme or blog carnival. (Where many bloggers do a post on their own blog on a theme and then share them with others.)

How to Find a Permalink

How to Find The Permalink for a Blog Post

As long as your blog is set to have post titles (most of them do) you can just click on a post from your main blog and then copy the url it says in the address bar. You could also right click on the post title and copy link location.

What the permalink looks like will depend on what blogging platform you use (blogger, wordpress, typepad), whether you have your own domain and what you have your settings set to.

For those on blogger, your permalink will end in .html. for those on WordPress, if you have it set to have your permalinks different, it will look different.

How to Find a Permalink for a Page

If there is a link to the page from your blog, you can do the same as a post, click through and copy the url or right click on the page link and copy link location.

If however you want the permalink for a page that is hidden or not linked from the blog, you have to go to your list of pages to get it from your dashboard.

Go to your dashboard and then pages. Click on View under the page you want the link for and copy the url or right click on the words View and copy link location.

WordPress Pages Dashboard

Blogger Pages Dashboard

How To Find The Permalink for Images

The main reason for wanting this is to be able to make coding available for people to use your blog button.  There may be other reasons too, however you should not just find the permalink for an image on someone else’s blog and then add html to show that link as an image in your post or website. That’s called hotlinking and is majorly frowned upon.

Many times you can right click on an image and copy image location. Note if you copy link location, you will copy the link that the image goes to if you click on it (if there is one.) Sometimes you can click an image and it calls it up in the browser and then you can copy the url in the address bar.

Blogger uses Picasa to save the images you upload so you could login to Picasa and find the permalink there (might be called image link.) If you upload your images to an alternative site like Photobucket or Flickr, they provide permalinks as well.

If you are trying to get the permalink for an image in your WordPress media library, it’s a bit more tricky but not hard. From the media library you will see a view link under each picture which technically goes to it’s permalink. However for an image you usually want the actual file location, not the permalink. The permalink shows the image as if it were it’s own post, you can see the rest of your blog (header, sidebars) too. The file location will ONLY show the image.

In your media library, locate the image you want. You can click view or copy the link location of view if you want the permalink. Use edit to find the file location although it will also show the permalink again there too.

The permalink for the image

The file location for the image

The file location (URL) above looks cut off but if you click in the box you can scroll over to see it all. Select it all and copy.

How to Find The Permalink for a Facebook Status

You may want to direct people to a certain Facebook status, whether it be on your personal profile or on a  fan page or group.

To find the permalink, simple click on the date and copy the URL from the address bar or right click on the date and copy link location.

On the status from above, the status was posted automatically by WordPress but this works whether it’s auto posted or manually posted, doesn’t matter. See where it says the date… December 28, 2012? It’s linked to the permalink of the status.

How to Find The Permalink for a Tweet

If you want a direct link to a specific tweet, you can find that too.

Just like with Facebook Statuses, you can click on the date (see it says 28 Dec above) and copy the URL or right click and copy link location. Voila.

How to Find The Permalink for a Pinterest Pin

When you are view Pinterest, either your main feed of new pins or on a specific board, just click on the pin and copy the URL in the address bar or right click on a pin and copy link location.

It will look something like this:

How to Find a Permalink for a Google+ Update

Similar to the other social media, you click on the timestamp (date) or right click on it and choose copy link location.

I hope that clears thinks up a bit for those new to blogging and what a permalink is. If you need to know how to get another type of permalink I didn’t mention, let me know in the comments! Also let me know if something still isn’t clear!

How to Find a Permalink for an Instagram Photo

From the feed, there is a little icon below the image that is three dots side by side. Click that and choose view photo page.The url in the URL bar once that page loads is the permalink.

It should look like this:

As far as I can tell, there isn’t a permalink for LinkedIn posts. If I find out otherwise I’ll add it in.

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Wednesday 23rd of January 2013

Good info to know. Thanks for sharing.

Allyson Bossie

Wednesday 23rd of January 2013

I personally know all of this after a couple of years blogging, but it is definitely helpful for new bloggers. It took me lots of googling/trial and error to figure some of this out in the beginning!


Wednesday 23rd of January 2013

This is great information. I know when I started out blogging, I had no idea how to find it. And it's nice now that Blogger has started creating a permalink before you publish it as well.

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