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Linkedin Tips for Brand Friendly Bloggers

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Not all bloggers need to be on Linkedin but I do think brand friendly bloggers should be and here are some LinkedIn tips for brand friendly bloggers to show you how you can use your LinkedIn profile to it’s full potential.

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I’ve already written about creating your profile on Linkedin and I think it’s important to have a well written profile that includes the blogs you write for.  You want it to be obvious that you work with brands.

After you have your profile complete, you can:


Find the PR companies and brands you already work with and send them a connection invite. You can try searching for the PR contact’s name, the company name or check the end of their emails to you where some list their Linkedin. You can also go ahead and sign your emails with yours and an invitation to connect.

You also want to connect with the PR and brands that you WANT to work with someday. It’s a great way to get noticed and to get off on the right foot (you seem more business like if you are on Linkedin.)


You can recommend other people for their skills and you can ask people for recommendations. However it is better to recommend a member of a PR company you work with regularly and then see if they recommend you back and if not, lightly suggest it, than to come right out and ask them first. Be honest with your recommendations and only recommend those you would actually recommend to a fellow blogger.

Featured Posts

Use the featured posts section to highlight some of your best work. Your best review, sponsored post or regular post shows potential clients what you can do.


Join groups on LinkedIn for the niches you represent. Be active in them so that you become a name people know with regards to that niche. This might come in handy.


If you run any projects such as events, list them in the project section. This shows that you can manage things.

Honors & Awards

Don’t include things like the Liebster award where anyone can give it to anyone. But if you won an award that involved voting and a jury or you were featured on TV or magazines, make sure you include that!

I hope those tips were helpful. You can connect with me on Linkedin here.

Sharing is caring!

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Markita Emily

Thursday 5th of November 2015

REally nice.

Raisa Keat

Wednesday 4th of November 2015

Good to see.

linkedin writer

Wednesday 8th of July 2015

Some folks think the only difference between a resume and a LinkedIn profile is an optional photo. But in reality, Google, Bing and Ask search engine results make your LinkedIn profile much more visible than a resume. In reality, there are many more differences

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