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How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

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The key to making money is multiple streams of income. My income for January was $2,569.19. I had a few set backs late in the month or it would have been $4,179.19. Now, as some of you know, this did not all come from freelance writing and all of the income is not in yet. However, all of it was made working from home during the hours I chose, doing what I wanted to do.

I signed up with West At Home, several months ago thinking I would work for them during slow times. So far, so good. I have not put in a full work week yet but intend to try next month. Once spring hits I will be in the garden and occupied instead of staring at four walls during my down time so I figure I better make some extra cash while I can.


I also have written a book, which will be published March 28. My advance was just a dollar and that is the way I prefer it. I will get paid as the book sells and won’t have to worry about selling x number of copies to cover the advance. I have several other books I am working on but none of them are close enough to being finished to brag about yet.


I wrote two Amazon shorts, which are not up yet, but they will be soon and that, along with my blog being posted for sale on the Amazon Kindle, will give me two more streams of income.

So, exactly how did I make this much money in January? I water a few plants for someone for $10 a week, I worked for two bidding agents which brought in a ton of extra money. The faster you write, the more you make.

My biggest income came from two very good paying freelance garden writing positions that I picked up, along with some others that pay less, but offer regular work.


In addition to the writing I read email for pay, have affiliate accounts and give presentations. While there were no paying presentations in Janaury, I did spend time promoting my programs and scheduled two for later in the year.

Does anyone else have a unique way they add to their writing income on a regular basis?


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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