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Finding Inspiration

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One of the hardest things I face on a daily basis is finding the inspiration I need to write. These past few years have been full of ups and downs in my personal life which has made writing difficult and left me feeling very drained. Finding the time to write is one of the hardest things I have had to deal with lately. When so many people want or need your constant attention it is hard to say no to them. It is hard to put your creativity before their needs.

As a writer, I know I face days of wondering if what I write good enough. I deal with depression issues like many artists do. Add to that a failing marriage, a dying dad who has been anything but cooperative and the lack of an adequate income and you have what seems like a recipe for diaster – but since I have a Type A personality, I must keep moving forward. In addition, I am a also triple Leo (those of you who follow the zodiac know this is rare) so you know giving up is not an option.

To avoid pitfalls, I plan my posts – sometimes a year in advance. I attend as many writer and blogger conferences as I can afford to. I am an active volunteer in my community and participate in numerous clubs. I network as much as I can and remain active in social media. Sometimes even all of this doesn’t help. I still find myself lacking the inspiration I need to sit down and write.

So what do I do on those days? Sometimes I just sulk. Yes, you heard that right, I sulk. I complain. I wonder why anyone would read what I write anyway. I listen to all those negative voices in my head from my childhood. I make excuses why I can’t write – why I shouldn’t write. Then I suck it up and look for the inspiration I need to carry on. After all, I have made it this far – and from what I hear, people do like to read what I write.

Sometimes I find the inspiration I need by reading – Facebook posts (yes, I do read my friends posts even if I don’t comment), blogs, magazines, newspapers and books. Sometimes I walk in the garden where I marvel at how wonderful nature is and what a gift God gave us when he created plant life. Sometimes I spend time in the barn or chicken coop talking to my animals. Yes, I believe they do understand – and often make noises in reply to what I say or simply nuzzle against me to offer comfort. Sometimes I head out to the kitchen to cook or up to the craft room to look at fabric, beads or other craft items. I love bright colors and in them I find comfort.

I often want to ask other highly creative people how they cope when they face a lack of inspiration or day after day of depression. I know it is normal. I know it will pass and brighter days lie ahead. Days so full of inspiration that I can barley contain myself and it is on these days that I plan my posts, work as hard as I can and think of new ways to cope when the darkness comes again – as I know it will.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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