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Do Not Promote Your Blog These 5 Ways

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There are lots of ways to promote your blog but do not promote your blog these 5 ways.

Send an Email Asking for a Link

When blogs were new, emailing a blogger to ask if they would like to swap links in their blogroll was the thing to do. But that is so 2005. Most people don’t even have blogrolls anymore and if they do, it’s blogs they really and truly know and love. So please, do not email people, bloggers or otherwise and ask them to link to your blog, or even visit your blog.

Comment with a Link

It’s great to comment on blogs and it’s okay to put your blog url in the url section where you fill in your name, but it’s bad practice to put your url IN the comment.  If someone likes your comment, they can click through your name to find your blog. Commenting, “Great post. You can visit me here at” is bad practice.

Spam Your Social Media Accounts

Your social media accounts are there to help you promote your blog but that doesn’t mean that every tweet or Facebook message should be an ad for your blog. Share interesting content from other websites and blogs or update everyone on what you as a person are doing. Let us get to know the real you as well. There is nothing worse than a twitter account whose every tweet is an ad for a website or product.

Spam Someone Else’s Social Media Accounts

This should be a given but you should also not be spamming other people’s accounts. Leaving a message about where you found them from is cool but comment as your blog’s page if you want them to find you. Don’t spam Facebook walls with messages of, I followed you, now follow me back here.

Pay for Followers

Paying for social media followers is against the rules of most if not all social media platforms and is just plain wrong. Ignore any websites or emails you see about buying social media followers and gain followers and readers the fair way, just like everyone else.


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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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