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Tips for Promoting Blog Posts on Facebook

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This was a mini challenge for the Biannual Blogathon Bash (Jan 25-28/13). However anyone is welcome to use this information or even do the challenge at any time.

This challenge is about improving how you promote your blog through Facebook. I offer some tips and information and the challenge will be to implement one of the ideas.

Looking For Ideas on Promoting Blog Posts on Facebook?

  • Create a Fan page so anyone who wants updates from your blog can do so. Many people WILL NOT friend someone on Facebook they do not know in real life including me. If you just have your personal Facebook profile, you will miss out on promoting to those people. There is the newer option of allowing people to subscribe to your personal profile but I still prefer a fan page. Learn More: How to Create a Facebook Fan Page and Social Media:Facebook Pinterest Board (lots there!)
  • Promote your individual posts. Make sure you are linking directly to the post you are promoting, and not just your main blog url. This is important because I may not see your Facebook post the exact time you post it and if you have made new posts since then, I won’t be seeing your most recent post. On most blogs, you can right click on the post title and “copy link location” or something similar to get the direct link.
  • Learn about Facebook algorithms. Facebook uses algorithms (mathematical equations) to determine how many people see what you post. One of the things that lowers the amount of people who see your post is a post with links. To get around this and still promote your post, you can type a status update explaining what the newest post is about and say that the link is in the comments, then submit. Once the update is live, add a link to your post in the first comment. Since no image will show up without putting your link into the main part, you can upload the feature image from your post to make it show with your message. (every post should have an image.) Learn More: Edge Rank

UPDATE Jan 27 – It has come to my attention that if you put the link in the comments and someone shares your post, the comments and therefore the link does NOT get shared. So perhaps that isn’t the way to go. More might see your post but shares will be nullified. Perhaps the better way is to just make sure not every update you post is a link, add some interactive posts and general updates as well.

  • Be descriptive. It’s your description that will draw your potential readers in. “Come see my new recipe” is not descriptive enough. Practice your wording. “New Lasagna Recipe Posted” is still not enough. “Looking for a creamy, cheesy, warm meal to make for your loved ones on a cold winter’s evening? Try my 4-Cheese Homemade Lasagna Recipe, easy to follow and ready to eat in one hour!” = Much Better.
  • Promote Regularly. Make it easy. There are ways of setting it up so when you make a new blog post, it automatically posts to your Facebook fan page. Using these can work against the algorithms mentioned above though and make it less likely that your post is seen. If you do use one of these services, do NOT use Networked Blogs. If you are on WordPress (.com or .org) you can use the Jetpack Plugin or Try Sharepress if you are on Anyone on any platform can use Twitterfeed (not just for twitter.) If you do not want it to auto post, the other option is to just go to your posts page after it’s published and hit the Facebook share button on your own blog and post it to your fan page. A bonus is this ups the share count and others are more likely to share if they see that someone else has shared too.

The Mini-Challenge

If you don’t have a fan page for your blog:

Create a fan page, add in all info and images, then do below.

If you do have a fan page for your blog:

Promote one of your latest blog posts on your Facebook fan page using the methods mentioned above.

Sharing is caring!

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Barb Garber

Thursday 7th of February 2013

I just liked everyone's link. I could use some likes myself

Create With Joy

Monday 28th of January 2013

Thanks Kathleen for all of this info!

I shared Inspire Me Monday and if you visit my FB fan page, you will see the thumbnail issue I mentioned the other day. On the post you will see a photo of heart-shaped cookies. It is there because it was the only photo it pulled (although there are tons of photos in that post!) What it SHOULD have done is given me the option to scroll and choose the one I wanted (which would have been my Inspire Me Monday button).

Do you or anyone know how to correct this photo thumbnail issue?

Kathleen Garber

Saturday 9th of February 2013

Sorry I just saw this comment. You are on Blogger right? It's harder to fix with Blogger. I'm still looking into the best way to do this. In WordPress it's much easier as you can set a featured image for each post.

Naila Moon

Monday 28th of January 2013

"Shop In Your Seat" was not found. :(

Barb Garber

Thursday 7th of February 2013

I don't actually have a FB page for the blog instead i have page for Tupperware . and one for Regal .

i could really use some likes

However I'm now wondering if i should scrap the two pages and do one for the blog as i'm adding another business to my site. Any opinions?

Naila Moon

Monday 28th of January 2013

Mine is up and posted. I am excited to finally have a fan page.

I was looking at "Life and Stuff" link but went to regular blog. Do you have a fan page?


Sunday 27th of January 2013

Ok - I linked up a post, AND commented on EVERYONE who was on the list already :) Love it.

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